I have read that followers want to know who they’re following and don’t just enjoy the simple pleasure of scrolling through pictures I post. Here I am thinking starting a business, I could just hide behind the brand and let my products get all the action... I thought wrong. 

So, I'll jump straight in. About me - I'm 24, I live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland, 1 of 8 children, I love chocolate, maybe a little too much...  I’m doing the 9-5 in building design (well technically 8-5 but 9-5 is said way more so let's go with that) I have a handsome boyfriend, Skin who is a carpenter loves having long hair and is really smart. And I myself go by the name of Jaz / Jazzy and I also have a passion for helping our planet survive our wild race.

I know there’s a lot more I could say about myself, but based on all the research I'm working through, I'll be sharing a lot more about my personal life in later posts. However, the whole world surviving our race thing has really stuck with me and has so far lead me to Franks Lee. 

Firstly, where the hell did Franks Lee come from!? I have two sisters (and 5 brothers) who are great, and I love them dearly, I also love their names...Frankie-May and Amy-Lee. You see what I’ve done there. But honestly, they are the most beautiful chicks I could have asked for and I love that they can always be a part of this journey and can never leave me because we’re blood and they have to love me forever.

 So, what am I doing with Franks Lee? I have had this thought for some time now and finally (November 2018) I made the first steps in creating my very own little business. Turns out there’s a lot to starting your own business. When I thought deciding on what logo to run with was the biggest decision ever, I had no idea what was coming. Really, it’s been fun - finding my brand voice and personality and designing products that you will LOVE!

Right now, my to-do lists just seem to be growing every second and seeing as I’m still working full time, I'm not ticking them off as fast as I'd like to be! However, I am moving along and each day is getting closer to designing my dream life. So stay in touch my friends, come along and share my journey. 


Jaz xx



 he Franks Lee brand has been established with the hope to create an impact on others and educate followers on single-use plastic. I believe education is the first step to a sustainable lifestyle, as there are so many terrifying facts relating our impact on the earth. 

The aim is to grow and have the opportunity to expand our range of reusable products to support others to take the step to reduce their impact on our environment. With each product sold, Franks Lee will be donating to either Plant a Tree or 3 For The Sea and eventually expanding donation options as the brand grows.

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